Nova Blis

Our Mission
Inspired by simple life choices.

We believe everyone should have access to the natural healing properties of hemp CBD. We are on a mission to destigmatize hemp by educating people on how they can uncover the liberating power of hemp to deliver health and wellness through nature. By setting high standards on formulating products and full-honest integrity, we want to create a community focused on plant-based self-care and good vibes.

Meet Our Founder Elena Devanadera
“Hi! I’m Elena Devanadera, founder of Nova Blis. I was born and raised in a small town in Philippines. About 7 years ago, my family and I migrated to Canada and I pursued my career as a Plant Scientist. It has always been my dream to harness all the potential benefits from nature. I came across on a very promising research on hemp, and I discovered its massive untapped potential in plant medicine.”

“I turned to cannabis for health reasons, but coming from a religious and conservative culture, I felt to keep it a secret out of fear of being judged by others. As the industry is starting to normalize, I would like to stand for the women that there is a shift in cannabis used as a plant-based self-care and there should be high-quality products that seamlessly fit into our lifestyle. “

“That’s why I created Nova Blis. I believe women should also have the access to the natural healing properties of hemp CBD without the feeling of being judged. I created a line of meticulously dosed CBD products and designed it to be playful and highly aesthetic for our modern lifestyle. I am on my mission to reinvent and destigmatize cannabis through education so everyone especially us women can uncover the liberating power of cannabis.”Elena Devanadera Plant Scientist and Founder of Nova Blis. 

Fast forward to 2019 and now  her  product line of all natural CBD infused products push a “full-spectrum blend” or “whole-plant” CBD extract packaged in a fun, stylish and easy way.

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