Sauc CBD

We specialize in producing a variety of phyo-cannabinoid & terpene based vapor products.

Sauc CBD is 100% sourced in the USA. We source 100% of our hemp from domestic farmers that grow clean non-gmo hemp without the use of pesticides. In fact, every single ingredient in a SAUC product is derived from an organic botanical source. All our CBD is batched tested from a 3rd party lab.

A large part of our identity is the use of strain specific terpene profiles in our e-juices. Not using any artificial flavoring is something we really wanted to take pride in when creating our first products. Our terpene profiles are broad spectrum. Each individual terpene is derived from an organic botanical source and formulated to match the typical profile of a strain found in nature. This provides the consumer a vaping experience like no other. A SAUC consumer gets to experience the flavor and effect of a strains typical terpene profile without the psychoactive effect of THC.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, interacts with these terpenes in a way commonly referred to as the ‘entourage effect’. The effect of each product varies by not only the level (amount) of CBD, but by the strains profile as well. We categorize each of our strains by Sativa, Hybrid, Indica to better help the consumer find what they may be searching for.

Every SAUC product contains no trace amounts of THC. We currently do not use any other version of CBD other than Isolate. This type of CBD is the most ideal form to use when producing an actual e-liquid, or vape juice. It ensures a THC free product with no separation and good consistency.

Suac CBD specializes in Pure CBD vape products!

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