CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

Drops that are placed under the tongue are the most popular form of taking CBD oil. But bottle sizes and potency differ across brands. So figuring out how many drops you should take can be confusing even for those who are good at math!

Our CBD dosage calculator is designed to make it easy for you to calculate the amount of CBD in each drop and the number of drops needed to achieve your desired dosage.


CBD Oil Drops Calculator

Before you use our CBD dosage calculator, you will need to know the size of the bottle in millileters and the number of total milligrams of CBD in the bottle. Our article on “how to read CBD oil labels” can help you locate these numbers if needed.

You also  need to determine how many milligrams of CBD that you want to consume. If you’re unsure where to start with dosage, our CBD oil dosage tips can help you determine a good starting point.

PRO TIP: Use a dropper that shows the number of millileters on it. Dosing based on millileters instead of drops can be far easier and more accurate.

Enter information about the product and your desired dose

See below for the number of drops in the bottle, mg of CBD in each drop and number of drops needed for desired dose based on your inputs above

Charlotte’s Web CBD Dosage Calculator Input

Most companies list the number of milligrams of CBD on their product label. In the case of Charlotte’s Web, however, they list the milligrams of total hemp extract. CBD is only a portion of the total hemp extract. So the amount of CBD is less than the total amount of hemp extract.

Here are the milligrams of CBD in bottles of Charlotte’s Web. These are not listed on the bottles but are available from their customer support if you’d like to verify these numbers.

CW Original Formula – 1,500 mg of CBD in 30ml bottle; 5,000 mg of CBD in 100ml bottle

CW Extra Strength – 500 mg of CBD in 30ml bottle; 1,667 mg of CBD in 100ml bottle

CW Full Strength – 200 mg of CBD in 30ml bottle; 667 mg of CBD in 100 ml bottle