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I think you’ll agree that it’s hard to find a CBD oil that’s made from hemp grown in the U.S.A.Medterra CBD Tincture uses Kentucky grown hemp and comes in dosages as high as 3000 mg CBD per bottle. What makes this hemp extract different from so many tinctures on the market? In today’s post, you’ll find out exactly that.

What You Really Need to Know About MedTerra

Medterra CBD Tincture is made from hemp grown in the USA and processed using CO2 extraction methods. Did you know that China, Russia, and South Korea are the world’s leading industrial hemp producers accounting for 70% of the world’s industrial hemp supply? Often, companies that don’t specify the origins of their hemp are sourcing from this region. Kentucky grown hemp is organically grown and extracted under the guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture — which are stricter than the regulations overseas. Medterra also lab tests their products.

Lab Test Results

medterra cbd testing results


Medterra Review

What Does The Clear Color Mean?

CBD oil ranges in color, from clear to gold to dark brown. The general rule of thumb is that the lighter the tincture is the more processing it’s had. Raw, unprocessed oils will be very dark and may even have a green tint. This green color is indicative of residual plant material. Lighter browns and golds generally have had a degree of filtering, while lighter golds and clear liquids have been filtered a significant amount.V

Medterra CBD Review

What Is An Isolate?

Medterra CBD Tincture is very light in color. It’s almost completely clear with a bit of a white murky tint to it. This tincture is unique because it is made from 99%+CBD isolate, meaning that other cannabinoids and terpenes have been filtered out. Only the pure CBD remains in this mix.

How Does It Smell?

There is no smell to this tincture. This is unique to the Medterra brand and in my opinion, a plus for those who may be turned off by the scent of hemp extract. The typical scent of CBD tincture is light but distinct. Medterra’s oil does not have a scent whatsoever.

Is It Possible To Taste Like… 

The taste of this tincture is one of the best things about it. It’s odorless and flavorless. It almost tastes like nothing. There is a very, very light tart aftertaste that is hardly noticeable, but it is nothing in comparison to the traditional flavor of CBD tinctures. This is a huge benefit to those with sensitive palettes who may take CBD tincture frequently since the taste can be so potent.

Medterra CBD Review

Why MedTerra Stands Out

Medterra does lab test all of their products and posts the results online. The company tests for both potency and purity by an independent lab. Medterra also uses CO2 extraction methods, the industry gold standard, to obtain the CBD. CO2 extraction methods use pressure and temperature to process the plant material, which preserves the cannabinoids more effectively over extraction methods that use solvents.

Medterra sources its hemp from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Program which requires an application to be accepted. Participants must track data to contribute to research and currently, only 250 participants are enrolled in the program. Kentucky hemp is widely sought after because the growing season is longer and the soil is richer than states like Colorado

Medterra CBD Review

What? More Exciting Products?

Medterra also manufactures CBD pain cream, gel capsules, a vaporizer, and CBD isolate. The vaporizer is a pre-filled disposable pen that can be used right out of the box. You can pick from flavors like lemon, tangerine, blueberry, passionfruit, watermelon, grape, strawberry, and apple. The vaporizer, like all of Medterras products, has lab test results posted on the product’s page on the website.


  • $49.95 for 500 mg bottle – $149.95 for 3,000 mg bottle
  • Kentucky grown hemp
  • organic, non-GMO hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • third party lab-tested
  • ships to all 50 states and internationally
  • third-party lab tested
  • 500 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, or 3000 mg strengths
  • ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD isolate